Fuji Glass Tea Pot by ForLife-18 ounces

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Fuji Glass Tea Pot-18 ounces

The fuji teapot shape is reminiscent of the Iconic mountain. The built in strainer lid design and spacious interior allows the tea leaves to expand fully for 100% extraction of flavor and aroma. Available in two sizes.

FILTER LID : Stainless Steel / Polycarbonate / Silicone
- Dishwasher-safe
- BPA-free
- Built in strainer lid
- Silicone gasket secures lid during pouring

POT : Lead-Free Borocilicate Glass
- Dishwasher-safe, but hand wash recommended
- Microwavable
- Thermal shock resistant up to 120°C/248°F

18 oz. / 532 ml.
L 5.63" x W 4.45" x H 4.13"
(L 14.5 cm x W 11.3 cm x H 10.5 cm)