Genmaicha 2oz. pouch

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Genmaicha 2oz. pouch


A favorite in Japan, Genmaicha is a delightful earthy green tea blended with toasted rice and popped corn. The result is a nutty, slightly savory brew with warm, toasty notes.

Origins: Genmaicha most likely originated as another way to extend the shelf-life of older tea, but the unverified story of Genmaicha is that it comes from a folk custom of roasting leftover rice cakes from New Year’s celebrations, and putting that into tea.

Flavor Profile: Earthy, toasty, sweet rice, nutty finish.

Caffeine: 35-75mg/8oz cup

Health Benefits: All green teas contain powerful antioxidants known for fighting disease, specifically heart disease. Tea is a zero-calorie beverage, making it an ideal, delicious substitute for high-calorie drinks like soda and energy drinks.

Ingredients: Ban Cha green tea with toasted rice & popped corn.