Kenya 2oz. Pouch

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Kenya 2oz. Pouch


If you’re looking for a strong start to your morning, brew a cup of Kenya! This bold black tea has a similar robustness to Assam, but without the bite. Exquisite with milk, delicious on its own, Kenya is an excellent choice for tea lovers everywhere.

Origins: British settlers first planted a few tea bushes at the Limuru in Kiambu District of Southern Kenya in 1903. It quickly became one of the most important cash crops of the country.

Flavor Profile: Strong, bold, full-bodied.

Caffeine: 60-90mg/8oz cup

Health Benefits: All black teas contain powerful antioxidants known for fighting disease, specifically heart disease. Tea is a zero-calorie beverage, making it an ideal, delicious substitute for high-calorie drinks like soda