Tumoi Full Leaf 2 oz. Pouch

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Tumoi Full Leaf

Tumoi Full Leaf is a purple tea. Purple tea is a green tea hybrid, grown exclusively in Africa. Slightly vegetal with notes of peach and plum, with a hint of gardenia, this tea is simply delightful.comes from Kenya.Smaller This rare leaf tea will leave you delighted after every cup.The tea had more of a green tea, vegetal taste. Purple tea contains considerably less caffeine than green tea.

Origins: Kenya

Flavor Profile: Slightly vegetal with notes of peach and plum, with a hint of gardenia


Health Benefits:Purple tea also has high levels of catechins, especially EGCG which is the powerful anti-oxidant found in green tea. These neuro-protective antioxidants permeate the blood brain barrier, and in a study performed on mice, significantly boosted brain antioxidant capacity.It also has a special type of polyphonel called GHG. Initial research has shown that it can decrease fat mass & thickness while increasing lean body mass. Researchers think this is caused by GHG affecting lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fats so the body can easily digest them.*

Ingredients: Broken leaf Purple tea

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