Cast Iron "Hani" Teapot Blue & Silver by Frieling

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Cast Iron "Hani" Teapot Blue & Silver by Frieling

Incredible workmanship for our cast iron teapots. Ja cast iron is designed for beauty as well as function. Our handcrafted works of art are manufactured using a rare sand casting process, following a centuries old Japanese tradition. Up to 40 individual intensive production steps turn each and every product into a one of a kind piece. The "Hani" design holds 40 fl. oz., includes a stainless steel infuser and has a beautiful hand painted exterior of blue and silver. Hand wash only, dry exterior well after washing. Please be sure to hand wash well before first use.

CARE: Clean the Ja teapot well prior to first use. Always add water to the prior to heating if using on a stovetop. Clean and dry Ja teapot after each use to prevent surface rust (not a manufacturing defect).. Always use a trivet when brewing and serving with the Ja teapot

Tip: To achieve optimal results, heat water separately, place tea in the Ja teapot infuser, and pour hot water over the infuser (with leaves) into the teapot for steeping.