Jun Jun Japanese Oolong (Limited Availability)

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Jun Jun Japanese Oolong (Limited Availability)

The Deai Nouen farm has over a century of experience in tea cultivation, beginning in 1921. Located near the Ojiro River, in the semi-mountainous area of Shimada, the farm is blessed with several geographical features that provide it with favorable conditions for growing tea. The Ojiro River creates air currents and fog that bring moisture, which lingers in the air thanks to the surrounding mountains creating the perfect level of humidity for the growing tea plants. Deai Nouen pride themselves in their ability to utilize traditional farming techniques while continuing to research and test new farming methods. 

This Oolong is a masterful blend of six different cultivars from the spring harvest. It is reminiscent of a high-mountain Taiwanese Oolong.

Origin: Shimada, Shizuoka

Flavor Profile: Subtly sweet aroma, floral, buttery, notes of apricot

Caffeine: 35-50mg/8oz. cup