Kamairicha: Limited Edition Pan Fried Green Tea

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Kamairicha: Limited Edition Pan Fried Green Tea

A limited edition pan-fried green tea, made from the renowned Yabukita cultivar.. Shade grown for the final 3 weeks before harvesting, the farmer uses solar panels to elevate its flavor and astringency using solar panel. Unlike most Japanese teas that use steaming, Kamairicha Yabukita is pan-fired, resulting in a distinct taste and uniquely twisted leaves. Grown on a small farm in Kanaya, which provides ideal conditions for growing tea, combining traditional farming techniques with innovative methods. This limited-run tea offers a perfect balance of umami, sweetness, and astringency.

Origin: Yabukita, Japan

Flavor Profile: Aroma of nori, anko, roasted nuts, and a subtle roasted poblano pepper note. Its flavor profile offers a round umami with hints of bitterness

Caffeine: 35-50mg/8oz.cup

Health Benefits: All green teas contain powerful antioxidants known for fighting disease, specifically heart disease. Tea is a zero-calorie beverage, making it an ideal, delicious substitute for high-calorie drinks like soda and energy drinks.