Nodate Matcha Kit by Sugimoto

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Nodate Matcha Kit by Sugimoto

The name "Nodate" (literally "outdoor tea preparation") comes from the simpler, more relaxed style of tea ceremony that occurs in the open air, such as in a park or traditionally, in a carefully-manicured garden. For outdoor ceremonies (also called "Nodate"), smaller versions of matcha accessories are used. This matcha set has been adapted to this size to make it easier to casually enjoy matcha at home, outside, or on the go. The Matcha Set comes complete with all of the basic items to casually enjoy matcha. This set has a beautiful handcrafted Matcha bowl (Chawan, 8 oz), along with a bamboo whisk (Chasen), bamboo scoop (Chashaku), and a sample of Ceremonial Matcha. Preparation instructions (English/Spanish) are enclosed.


  • Bowl (8 oz)
  • Chasen
  • Chashaku
  • Matcha Sample