Pineapple Mimosa 2 oz. Tins

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Pineapple Mimosa


A proprietary fruit tisane blend, available in a reusable gift tin.


This light, fruity, yet elegant blend exhilarates your mood and wets your appetite for the day to come. This time, we have really splurged with the pineapple. And the potpourri of white cornflower blossoms and yellow marigold blossoms richly decorates this blend. The flavor is dominated by ripe, sweet pineapple, the slight spiciness of ginger,  and a hint of prickly sparkling wine aromas. The royal infusion is also delicious when drunk cold – perhaps with a little bit of sparkling wine!


Flavor Profile: Naturally sweet and tropical.


Caffeine: 0 mg/8oz cup


Ingredients: pineapple flakes, papaya flakes, ginger, flavoring.