Recharge Pro Tea Tumbler by VIVA-Purple

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Recharge Pro Tea Tumbler is the Swiss Army knife for beverages. It’s a tumbler, teapot, tea infuser, iced tea maker, coffee press, thermos, and water bottle. This one does it all. It's everything you need for tea at a fraction of the cost. While regular travel mugs are designed to store water or beverage that are already made, Recharge Pro is a versatile solution that brews hot and iced tea.. It solves the headache of over-steeping, leaking lids and maintaining the optimal temperature of your drink until the very last drop. Available in 6 colors! Materials: Stainless Steel Cup, Triton Infuser, Plastic Leak-Proof Cap, Silicone Seal Size & Capacity: Height 23 cm, 9.1 inch/Width 7.5cm, 3 inch/Volume With Infuser 460 ml, 15.5oz - Without 520 ml, 18 oz Care: Metal Cup-Hand wash - Smart brewer and lid dishwasher save - Not for use in the microwave!