Sobacha Buckwheat

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Sobacha Buckwheat

Soba, or buckwheat, holds a rich culinary history in Japan, where it has been consumed for centuries, primarily in the form of noodles. Its roots can be traced back to the Edo Period (1603-1876), making it one of Japan's most well-known and iconic dishes. Traditionally, during the winter months, soba takes the form of a comforting hot dish, featuring a flavorful broth and an array of delightful toppings. Alternatively, in the summertime, it is consumed as a refreshing cold dish, perfect for combating the summer heat.

Sobacha, or buckwheat tea, is derived from the roasting of soba kernels. Offering the same versatility as its noodle counterpart, sobacha can be enjoyed either steaming hot or refreshingly cold. Naturally caffeine-free, it is an excellent option for tea enthusiasts to savor throughout the day. Not only is sobacha delightful to drink, the kernels are also quite tasty on their own, making them an ideal topping for salads, snacks or desserts. 

Our Dattan Sobacha is grown pesticide-free in the cool climate of Hokkaido, Japan. Dattan sobacha differs from common soba in that its kernels are much smaller, and more rounded. It is higher in vitamin B1 and has approximately 100 times the amount of the nutrient rutin than regular soba.

Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Flavor Profile: Sweet nuttiness

Ingredients: Dattan Buckwheat Tea

Caffeine: 0mg/8oz.cup

Contains: Buckwheat